Evaluation Services

Are you struggling or confused about how to:

  • Develop a plan for your process or impact evaluation to provide meaningful and actionable results?
  • Develop evaluation questions that align with your AmeriCorps program goals and logic model?
  • Collect meaningful data and stay organized during the process?
  • Produce reports that demonstrate your program’s evaluation learning or impact?
  • Meet AmeriCorps evaluation requirements with limited time and budgets?
Developing strong evaluation plans and writing high-quality evaluation reports are common challenges for many AmeriCorps programs with scarce resources and limited evaluation expertise, producing required evaluation deliverables can be daunting.

Sue Hyatt, MS of Big Purpose Big Impact Ltd. offers in-person and Zoom trainings, robust online DIY courses, plan and report reviews, and individualized technical support to solve these problems once and for all.

She distills her 25+ years of experience working with AmeriCorps into actionable guidance to make evaluation accessible to all program staff – even if you don’t have a research background.

Evaluation Support Services

Evaluation Plan Coaching

Work with Sue 1:1 to develop your evaluation plan to meet AmeriCorps requirements. Discuss how to best focus your evaluation on specific component of your program, develop research questions that will provide meaningful and actionable insights into how your program is working, identify the optimal data collection and analysis methodology to answer your questions.

In addition, you will develop your 3-year timeline of activities, the budget, and identify who will conduct your evaluation. Having reviewed hundreds of plans, Sue has tips and examples she can share that will make developing your plan easier and save you a ton of time!

Evaluation Plan Reviews

Want someone to review your plan to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted before you submit?

Sue will review and provide feedback on your evaluation plan to ensure it meets AmeriCorps expectations and will either build evidence or provide actionable results for continuous improvement of your program. Strengthening your plan BEFORE submission can save a ton of time and shorten the plan approval time.

Evaluation Report Reviews

Want someone to review your report to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted before you submit?

Sue will review and provide feedback on your evaluation report before you submit it to ensure it meets AmeriCorps expectations and presents your research findings in a way that is useful for program staff to act on. You want your report to be clear and avoid common errors in presenting findings made by program staff and external evaluators.

Design and Conduct the Evaluation for You

Have Sue do the heavy lifting for you!  She’ll work with you to design the type of evaluation you need.  Then, she’ll collect and analyze the data and prepare the summary report for your AmeriCorps State or National program.  Sue has conducted over 30 AmeriCorps evaluation – want to be next?

Examples of AmeriCorps Evaluations Sue has Conducted:

Evaluation Training

Live Training:

We offer custom in person or Zoom trainings for any size group on key AmeriCorps evaluation concepts, how to develop a solid evaluation plan and/or report.  Typically a state service commission hires Sue to tailor the training to the specific context and needs of their portfolio.

Online Courses:

We offer signature “Made Easy” video courses to walk you step-by-step through crafting solid evaluation plans and reports tailored to your program’s context and needs,


Short lessons explaining key concepts


Copies of slide decks used in the lessons


"Your Turn" worksheets to apply the concepts


Tip sheets with examples and templates


Bonus resources to build your evaluation knowledge

Sue’s AmeriCorps Experience

Sue Hyatt, MS brings 25+ years of passion for social impact to her national consulting practice, Big Purpose Big Impact. As an evaluation expert, she empowers programs to design high-impact initiatives and measure results.

Having trained over 1,500 AmeriCorps staff across the country, Sue intimately understands how to optimize national service grants for community change.

Her virtual and in-person trainings on evaluation planning, data collection, analysis, and reporting provide actionable skills to build evaluation capacity.

Sue also conducts AmeriCorps program evaluations to catalyze organizational learning (30+ done to date.) Her commitment is to equip programs with the tools to demonstrate effectiveness, enhance service delivery, and drive meaningful outcomes.

Sue’s expertise includes:

  • Developing strong evaluation plans for process, outcome, and impact evaluations including identifying meaningful research questions, data collection methodology, and selecting and working with local evaluators;
  • Designing high quality data collection instruments and systems for evaluation;
  • Conducting data aggregation and analysis;
  • Writing strong evaluation reports;
  • Using data and evaluation results for continuous improvement, building evidence, as well as reporting to funders and other stakeholders.

What People Say…

“From the very early days of AmeriCorps, you were fantastic at making the evaluation component easy and understandable!”

Ralph Morales

former Deputy Director of AmeriCorps State and National

“Sue is awesome. Use use use her! Loved having her “at my finger tips” to bounce ideas and questions.”

Samantha Taylor

Program Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Reads

“Every aspect of evaluation that Sue has assisted with and her one-on-one support has been exceptional and extremely helpful.”

Steve Chapman

Program Director, Polk Reads

“Learning about the entire evaluation process with Sue has been so helpful. I learned about evaluation in college, but actually practicing it is a whole different thing. It’s been great and Sue helps explain everything so well. She really knows AmeriCorps :)”

Kathy Sikes

Program Director, NC Literacy Corps

“Thank you so very much in helping me put this evaluation plan together. I can’t thank you enough! Your help and guidance is so greatly appreciated. | definitely couldn’t have done this without your guidance, support and phenomenal help.”

Laurie Van Kaenel

Program Director, NWF Environmental Stewards

“Sue really understands AmeriCorps and our challenges as program staff. Some evaluators talk over our head but Sue is able to explain evaluation in a way that I can understand.”

Brad Herzberg

Program Director, Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County

Selected National Service Clients