About Us

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Big Purpose Big Impact Ltd. is a boutique social impact consulting and training firm based in Denver. We’re on a mission to transform conventional corporate philanthropy into strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with nonprofits.

We offer a suite of offerings as a progressive one-stop social impact resource partnering with forward-looking companies to interweave purpose with profit.

Who We Are


We envision a future where businesses and nonprofits strategically unite their strengths to address critical social issues, creating a better world for all.


At Big Purpose Big Impact Ltd, we leverage our deep expertise in designing and measuring impactful social programs to bridge the gap between businesses and nonprofits. We understand the intricacies of both sectors and use this knowledge in our consulting and training to foster mutually beneficial partnerships that not only contribute to systemic change and a better future but also support business objectives.

Core Values

  • Maverick Spirit: We courageously approach complex issues that others shy away from and
    empower new ideas that can drive meaningful transformation. We remain dedicated to positive
    change even in the face of adversity.
  • Be a Lighthouse: We guide clients and partners toward new possibilities, providing expertise
    and inspiration.
  • Co-Creation: We build enduring alliances with clients, nonprofits, and communities founded on
    trust, respect, and mutual benefit.
  • People First: We understand economic dynamism, but put people first. Our work strives to
    uplift communities, advance equity, and improve lives through innovative collaboration.
    Progress must be inclusive.
  • Insatiable Curiosity: We constantly expand our learning in order to deepen expertise and
    insight and uncover promising possibilities and best practices.

Susan Hyatt, MS

Big Purpose Big Impact Ltd.’s founder and CEO, Susan Hyatt, spent 25+ years working with nonprofit organizations throughout the US, helping them to build social programs that delivered high-impact results and to actively measure their social impact. During her tenure, Sue noticed that often the corporate sponsored programs were either one-off initiatives or were not well aligned with the corporation’s DNA. Due to this, companies were not fully realizing the benefits of their social programs, and the nonprofit-corporate relationship did not grow and evolve but were often severed as new causes courted the company’s support.

 In addition to her consulting services, Sue creates in person and online training programs for businesses, nonprofit and agency staff, and board members on topics such as corporate social responsibility, strategic business-nonprofit partnerships, leadership, board development, and social impact measurement.

Sue is the author of four-time award winning book, Strategy for Good: Business Giving Strategies for the 21st Century. She was the founder and host of Strategy for Good Global Summits, a 5-day virtual conference held three years featuring 25+ top leaders annually in corporate social responsibility, business philanthropy, cause marketing, and employee volunteering.

Due to her expertise in CSR and organization development, Sue was selected to develop and serve as founding Executive Director of B:CIVIC (Business Committed to Investing and Volunteering in the Community) working with Colorado leaders from companies of all sizes in the development of a new business membership association dedicated to the promotion, recognition and advancement of business philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

She has also worked with leaders from CARE, Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children, Pathfinder International, Heifer International, the US Agency for International Development, DaVita, Kaiser Permanente, Western Union, Suncor, and dozens of other businesses, nonprofit/non-governmental organizations, and local, state, and national government agencies throughout the U.S. and in 8 countries.

Sue holds a Masters degree in Community/Public Health Nutrition with a specialization in international development from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She completed her PhD work in Sociology at Colorado State University specializing in social change and organization development. She was a Fulbright Scholar to the Sociology Department at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and an AAAS Science, Engineering and Diplomacy Postdoctoral Fellow at the U.S. Agency for International Development in Washington, DC.


Big Purpose Big Impact Ltd. draws on a pool of high performing consultants to field teams tailored to specific projects and individual client needs. Examples of selected consultants we successfully use include

Justine Murray

Organization Development Consultant

With over 25 years dedicated to catalyzing change, Justine Murray has empowered individuals and organizations to drive impact. Through her work with Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and community nonprofits, Justine has cultivated strong leadership in every U.S. state. She equips changemakers with the tools to develop robust programs, mobilize teams, and strategically transform visions into realities. Justine believes that an environment of trust emerges from consistent, thoughtful action. Her leadership philosophy: serve people, connect authentically, and build together. She longs for a world where effective, trusting change is the norm, not the exception.

Christina Bara

Project Management Consultant

Christina is an accomplished consultant and coach guiding businesses and professionals to success. Leveraging robust communication abilities and an integrated approach, she leads impactful projects enabling organizational and productivity growth. Christina also coaches individuals navigating career shifts and life transitions, building skills for the next level. Seamlessly traversing the corporate and personal realms, she decodes complex dynamics with clarity and care. Christina draws on considerable expertise to partner with aviation, financial services and beyond, unlocking potential for companies and people to progress.

Marie Richardson

Statistical Consultant

Marie is an experienced data analyst and statistical consultant, skilled in analytical software and modeling complex datasets. With 5 years applying insights to critical decisions, she coordinates teams for impactful outcomes across industries. Guiding major auto safety analyses at Ford, Marie serves as an Expert Analyst, deciphering intricate information into actionable findings. She has taught university courses on statistics, communicating technical concepts clearly. Driven by diligence and precision, Marie extracts key trends through number-crunching mastery, assisting organizations in making sound, evidence-based choices.

Elberel Tumenjargal

Public Policy and Evaluation Consultant

Elberel is a dedicated Mongolian researcher with 9 years experience managing developmental research and evaluation projects. Consulting for international agencies, she has coordinated numerous initiatives supporting social progress in sectors like healthcare, education and mining. Having earned a Fulbright Scholarship and Master’s in Public Policy from Georgia State University, Elberel leverages data analysis and an evidence-based approach to formulate impactful community programs. Driven by her passion for empirical research, she continues pioneering projects to promote upward mobility for marginalized groups. Elberel applies her policy expertise to champion positive change.